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Guide des pointures

The sizing for all Archies Footwear products is based on the standard US shoe sizing system which we have accurately converted into European sizing. The best way to find your perfect fit is to measure your foot length and use the guide on our size chart. 

Our footwear should “fit like a glove” with very little space in front of the toes and behind the heels. See The Perfect Fit Video

How to measure your footlength

  1. Place a piece of paper on a hard surface.
  2. Stand with the back edge of your heel lined up with the edge of the paper.
  3. Use a pen to place a mark behind your heel and at the top of your longest toe.
  4. Use a ruler to draw a straight line between the two. (It will be a diagonal line)
  5. Measure the length in cm and use our chart. For example, if your foot length is 24.8cm, the perfect range will be 24.3 - 25cm which is a EU 39.5 - 40 (UK 6 -6.5 or US Men’s 7 / US Women’s 8 )


If the EU size that you usually wear is not on our size chart, please use your foot length measurement to find your correct EU size for Archies Footwear. 

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