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About Archies Arch Support Flip Flops

Archies Arch Support Flop Flops were designed to fix many of the issues associated with traditional 'flat' flip flops. Archies Flip Flops look just like ‘normal’ flip flops, yet provide the same amount of support as a typical orthotic.

Our Specialised Closed-Cell Foam Material and Patented Footbed not only molds and conforms to the shape of your foot, but cradles and supports your arches, putting your feet in the most biomechanically appropriate position possible.

This improved postural alignment, in combination with a tighter strap, leads to improved lower limb mechanics which results in less energy exertion effortless walking, speedier athletic recovery and overall healthier feet!

We like to think that they are the most comfortable and supportive flip flops on the market. If you give them a try we hope you love them!

What's actually wrong with typical flip-flops? Click here to find out.

Archies Flip Flops Features & Benefits

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Size Conversion Chart

Archies Flip Flop sizing runs very true to your normal running shoe size, we suggest selecting that for your size.

If your size is not listed in the size chart, we suggest you follow the tips below. This will still enable you to get a really good fit!

If you have a narrow or normal foot - Size down.
Eg - You are a size EU 38, it is not listed in our chart. There is a choice between 37 - 37.5 or 38.5 - 39. Choose 37 - 37.5. 

If you have a wide foot - Size up.
Eg - You are a size EU 38, it is not listed in our chart. There is a choice between 37 - 37.5 or 38.5 - 39. Choose 38.5 - 39.

*Note; if unsure if you have a narrow or wide foot, you will likely have a normal foot width. Most people with a narrow or wide foot type know this as they have had to buy shoes to cater for this their whole life.

Women’s Size Conversion Chart

Men's Size Conversion Chart


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